KMD Group


The KMD Group can look back on a 444-year history as a traditional company. Starting with the production of copper-based materials, we have been concentrating on the production of high performance copper alloy. We produce a wide range of alloys specifically tailored to the requirements of connector manufacturing, used in electrical and electronic components, and other high-end applications.


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KMD Connectors Stolberg GmbH –Chicago IL USA

USA Sales Reprensentative

KMD Precise Copper Strip (Henan) Co. Ltd.

Chinese Sales HQ

KMD Connectors Stolberg GmbH

German Factory & Sales HQ

KMD (HK) Holdings Ltd.


KMD Precise Copper Strip (Henan) Co. Ltd.

Chinese Factory

If you have questions about the KMD Group do not hesitate to contact us. Our qualified team in China and Germany is at your disposal.