Industrial Sales*

Duties include:


  • Sell ​​the company's products and services
  • Operate marketing activities from analyzing the market potential to customer service
  • Identify the need for products and services, purchase materials, inputs and services, and allocate for service creation or distribution
  • Edit accounting transactions
  • Apply methods and techniques Instruments for recruitment and personnel selection, planning of personnel deployment and processing of personnel management tasks

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KMD Connectors Stolberg GmbH
Personnel Dept.
Frankentalstraße 5
52222 Stolberg

Duration of Apprenticeship:

3 years, according to the recognized job description with a final examination by the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

  • Passing through the different areas/departments of the company on the basis of the factual and temporal outline plan
  • Teaching the required skills, knowledge and skills
  • Vocational school lessons on two days/week (Berufskolleg Stolberg)
  • * Apprenticeships only available at our Stolberg (Germany) site.