Industrial Mechanic *

Maintenance Specialist

Duties include:

  • Inspect, maintain and overhaul machinery and equipment
  • Recognize and rectify faults and errors in machines and facilities, perform functionality testing and commissioning
  • Fabricate machine components and their assemblies for machines and production equipment
  • Fit and remove components and their assemblies
  • Draft and read technical documents

Apply now!

KMD Connectors Stolberg GmbH
Personnel Dept.
Frankentalstraße 5
52222 Stolberg

Duration of Apprenticeship:

3.5 years, according to the recognized job description with a final examination by the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

  • Basic manual skills training (filing, sawing, drilling) in our training workshop
  • Basic training in the electrical workshop
  • Basic training of mechanical maintenance (repairs workshop)
  • Machining skills (lathe and milling machines) in our training workshop
  • * Apprenticeships only available at our Stolberg (Germany) site.