CUPRUM - an underestimated element

  • 08. July 2020
  • Regina Riemenschnitter

The name Cuprum comes from Latin and means copper. As a chemical element, it has the symbol „Cu“ and belongs to the group of semi-precious metals. Due to its very high thermal and electrical conductivity, it can be used in a variety of ways and it is particularly used in the automotive, electrical and electronics industries.

The gold-orange-colored element has much more to offer: copper is also known as a mineral and convinces through its bactericidal properties. 
It is toxic to many microorganisms in a low concentration and it is also antibacterial for copper alloys with a copper content of at least 60%.
Copper is not only antibacterial but also, according to recent findings, a „quick virus killer“. Following a study of the University of Southhampton, the coronavirus becomes inactive on pure copper and on a large number of copper alloys within minutes, the exact time depending on the copper content.

Therefore, copper should be more considered in the future when creating hygiene concepts.

In addition to its antibacterial effect, copper is also essential in the food industry. For example, copper is needed for welding cans and for cooling our food. As an essential component of cooling systems, the element ensures a functioning food supply worldwide.

Future technologies, such as 5G, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things or e-mobility rely on copper as a material and its unique properties.

A world without copper would be a world without a future.

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