2020 Electronica China

  • 10. July 2020
  • Regina Riemenschnitter

The 2020 Electronica China has ended successfully. Looking back at this exhibition, the epidemic situation did not affect the popularity of the exhibition. The crowd on-site was as hot as in the past. The KMD booth and exhibits attracted a steady stream of visitors stopping by to consult and take pictures.

Many potential customers came to our booth for the KMD's pure German technology. Our booth stood out from the surrounding booths by its "out looking", gained attention from visitors with many praises. Many visitors were attracted by KMD's shining “star products”, the three different types of hot dip tinned strips. As the manufacturer who was the first to build the hot dip tinning lines in China, KMD has inherited the rich German experience in hot dip tin production and became the only domestic manufacturer, who is capable of thermic tin and tin-sliver plating with German technology. Our professional and knowledgeable sales introduced the difference between these three tinned strips from the process and performance so that the visitors can have a deep understanding of the advantages and applications of these hot dip tinned products.

In this exhibition, besides the promotion of hot dip tinned products, we also promoted the optimized C7025 alloy. As the mainstream material in modern electronic connectors, the conductivity of our optimized C7025 alloy has been pulled up a level. The higher conductivity allows C7025 to be used in more applications. Dr. Gan as a Ph.D. in Materials Science introduced the application of KMD alloys in the 5G era on the on-site innovation connector forum, with a comprehensive introduction of the characteristics in the 5G era, the 5G market development, and requirements for material performance. Many audiences were attracted by his excellent speech and great knowledge of materials at the forum and came to KMD booth to have a further discussion with him, moreover, get to know more about KMD alloy products.

With the development of science and technology and the enhancement of environmental protection awareness, the requirements for copper alloy materials are getting higher. At the exhibition, many engineers came to consult about KMD’s alloy products and intended to replace existing materials with higher performance and more environmentally friendly materials to help them optimize their products. There were also young engineers groups who came to get know about the application of KMD materials so that they have more and better choices in future products design. In addition to the visitors looking for business opportunities, we also had pure academic communication with professional scholars and experts about material properties at our booth.

At the next Electronia China, we look forward to more visitors coming to the KMD booth. KMD will continue to innovate and improve to provide customers with better material solutions. Our vision is: to be the best partner in future technology!

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