Our STOL®-Alloys

  • 29. June 2021

Product introduction - Part 1

Our high-performance alloys are known by their unique name "STOL®" alloys. Worldwide they are highly valued for their excellent properties. The name "STOL®" symbolizes the origin of the alloys in the Kupferstadt Stolberg. This name is not only associated with the location, but also with the long history of KMD Connectors Stolberg. The continuous development of our materials has always been considered a priority in order to meet the demands of the future. Our portfolio includes both standard alloys and high-performance alloys, the latter undoubtedly being our special trademark:

Electronics applications


STOL®94 is a hardenable CuNiSi alloy for high strength requirements up to 750 MPa in combination with good electrical conductivity, bendability and relaxation resistance. In some cases, it may also be used as a substitute for beryllium alloys.  



STOL®76 is a precipitation-hardened CuNiSi alloy for applications in the automotive, electrical and electronics industries. This alloy is particularly suitable for components in the medium strength range (up to 620 MPa). The combination of good electrical conductivity and good relaxation resistance makes this alloy especially recommendable for automotive connectors.


Automotive applications


STOL®76M is a modified version of the STOL®76 alloy. In its tinned version, it has reduced peeling-off effects depending on the usage conditions. The improved properties are of particular interest for connectors used in the automotive, electrical and electronics sectors. The alloy combines high electrical conductivity, medium to high strength and good relaxation resistance up to an operating temperature of 150°C, combined with good formability.



STOL®78 is a CuMg alloy for connectors in automotive, electrical and electronic applications. Thanks to the combination of high electrical conductivity with high strength and good relaxation resistance, this alloy is particularly suitable for relays, current-carrying springs, bus bars and fuse boxes with resilient functions.



STOL®194 is a CuFe2P alloy with good electrical conductivity for components with low to medium strength requirements.  With its good relaxation resistance, it is very suitable for terminals, lead frames and power transistors.


E-mobility and high voltage applications


STOL®95 is a CuCrZr alloy with a combination of very high electrical conductivity and good relaxation resistance, even at an operating temperature of 250°C.  This alloy is very suitable for components with medium strength requirements. It is used particularly in applications in the field of mobile devices, as a heat sink, and for high-current contacts, for example in hybrid vehicles or photovoltaic technology.



STOL®75 is a CuCrSi high current alloy that is very well suited for contact elements in the high voltage range as well as in electromobility.  Due to the unique combination of high electrical conductivity and relaxation resistance, this alloy is especially used in electrified vehicles and solar systems even at higher operating temperatures.



STOL®80 is a CuSn0.2 alloy with a slightly higher tin content than CuSn0.15.  As a result, a higher strength with good electrical conductivity is achieved.  STOL® 80 is preferably used for male connectors and junction boxes.

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