Our Copper Strips

  • 14. July 2021

Product introduction - Part 1

Our strips made of pure copper are particularly suitable for the production of current-carrying components.

Their special properties, such as very good electrical and thermal conductivity, as well as excellent formability, make them the ideal material for electrical conductors and contacts. Likewise, the complete recyclability of copper is an important aspect with regard to achieving CO2 neutrality in the value chain.  

Although all types are made from pure copper, they differ in the lowest levels of oxygen and phosphorus, which have a significant impact on the area of application:

Cu-ETP is a type of copper that still contains the smallest amounts of oxygen, but no phosphorus and is therefore particularly suitable for use in contacting elements in the field of electromobility as well as for use in printed circuit boards, switches, etc.

Cu-DHP is deoxidized with the addition of phosphorus; i.e. the free oxygen in the copper is significantly reduced; as a result, the electrical conductivity of this variety drops slightly.  On the other hand, this type of copper is easy to weld and solder due to its lack of oxygen.  Cu-DHP is also resistant to hydrogen embrittlement and can be formed very easily.

Cu-HCP und Cu-PHC
Cu-HCP and Cu-PHC are pure copper types, but deoxidized with a low phosphorus content and are also particularly suitable for soldering and welding work.  These grades also contain low levels of silver, which improves the softening behavior; i.e. these varieties can withstand a slightly increased ambient temperature without losing their original strength.  These grades are also resistant to hydrogen embrittlement and have good corrosion resistance. 

For this reason, they are a recommendation for high-frequency cables and in the manufacture of submarine cables.

Cu-OFE is a highly pure, oxygen-free copper that no longer contains any elements that can evaporate in a vacuum environment. It has the highest electrical conductivity of all types of copper and shows very good results in hot and cold forming. Cu-OFE is corrosion-resistant, especially to atmospheric influences and insensitive to stress corrosion cracking. 

For this reason, we recommend Cu-OFE in electrical engineering, vacuum technology and the manufacture of high-frequency cables.


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