• Thin Strip - A New Market for KMD

    • 11. November 2020

    The current megatrends such as the new 5G mobile communications standard as well as autonomous driving and artificial intelligence (AI) place higher demands on the copper-based materials for these technologies. For example, the miniaturization of electronic control components is progress. KMD is one of the leading producers of semi-finished copper products can see the effects of an increasing demand for thinner and higher-strength alloy strips.

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  • Alloy Finder - the next Generation

    • 14. October 2020

    Looking for the material perfectly fitting for your product but not sure which alloy is exactly the right one for your application? Let us help you out! Our newly developed „Alloy Finder“ enables you to find the ideal material quickly and easily with simply four steps: select properties – compare results – identify the perfect material – request for a quote. The fastest and most intuitive way to the right material.

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