We are fully aware of our responsibility and meet all requirements of the European REACH chemicals regulation. We are also focussed on the issue of “Conflict minerals”.

We supply copper and copper-alloy products as cold-rolled strip and stamped components. REACH classifies these as products. All substances contained in the products have been registered or pre-registered, respectively, by us or an upstream agent in the supply chain.

We are a downstream user of the substances contained in the copper and copper-alloy products. These substances are registered as phase-in substances. 
Their use in our production is taken into consideration in the REACH registration process. In this way, we undertake a chemical safety assessment of articles in accord with the registration process.

Our products and packaging do not contain any dangerous substances in concentrations exceeding 0.1% (w/w).

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Our Service

  • ¹ We confirm that all information was checked for completeness, accuracy and current validity at the time of compilation. We will inform our customers of any errors we become aware of regarding information provided in this declaration, or any changes known to us, before delivering product. We agree to our customers using our information along the supply chain. We will cover any proven damage caused by intentionally incorrect or incomplete documentation.
  • According to article 31 of REACH, KMD is not required to create a Safety Data Sheet for its products or articles. As a voluntary service to our customers, KMD provides an “Information sheet for articles” free of extra charge to its customers, on paper or electronically. If you would like this, please contact your usual KMD sales representative.
  • Wir leisten Gewähr für nachweisliche Schäden, die aus einer vorsätzlich unrichtigen oder unvollständigen Dokumentation entstanden sind.
  • Laut Artikel 31 (REACH) ist KMD nicht verpflichtet ein Sicherheitsdatenblatt für Produkte oder Artikel zu erstellen. Auf freiwilliger Basis und als Dienstleistung für unsere Kunden, stellen wir all unseren Kunden ein kostenloses „Informationsblatt zu Artikeln“, in Papierform oder elektronisch, zur Verfügung. Bei Interesse wenden Sie sich bitte an Ihren zuständigen KMD Repräsentanten.